Panel including Leonardo DiCaprio, Linkin Park and Christiana Figueres to judge video competition for Rio+20 earth summit.

It's not often 12-year-old girls address world leaders at international summits. But that was just what happened two decades ago when Severn Suzuki admonished delegates at the original Rio Earth summit for failing to address the world's environmental and social problems:

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edfullcolourwebLondon – 22nd February, 2012 – Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a universal measure of a country’s economic activity and output, yet it takes no account of the appreciation or deprecation of a country’s building infrastructure, or of the condition of its natural resources and the ecosystem services provided by the environment, such as crop pollination. Furthermore, GDP provides no measure of the health, wealth, or wellbeing of a country’s population, or how these are distributed across society.

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Felix Dodds is part of a number of advisory boards for Rio+20, including the global scientists conference in 2012 'Planet Under Pressure', the German Government sponsored conference 'Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus' in the Green Economy and the Government of Abu Dhabi sponsored conference 'Eye on Earth Summit' framework committee and stakeholder advisory committee.
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Finance experts gathered in Washington, DC this week to decide how the sector can contribute to creating a stable and sustainable economy.

The meeting, organised by the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), was held in a conference centre across the road from where Occupy DC protesters were camped out, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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