There were a number of key events and milestones in the run-up to the UN General Assembly Resolution that called for the Summit in December 2009. As Stakeholder Forum advocated strongly for a Summit and was involved in many of the discussions leading to the resolution, we made a record of the key moments.

27 October 2008: In a statement to the Second Committee of the UN Assembly, the Group of 77 (G77) and China expressed their firm support for a Rio+20 Earth Summit in 2012. Highlighting the ‘multidimensional’ threats the world now faces, and stressing that many of the challenges identified in Rio in 1992 ‘still remain or have worsened’, the G77 and China called for the Summit to be hosted by Brazil in 2012 to ‘review and assess progress’.

25th September 2007: Standing before the United Nations General Assembly one day after the High Level Event on Climate Change, the President of Brazil proposed convening in 2012 a World Summit on the environment, twenty years after the landmark UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio in 1992.

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