Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development



SDG2012 is Stakeholder Forum's programme on Sustainable Development Governance (SDG) towards Rio+20. The programme includes our work as secretariat for the sustainable development network which is managed by the Climate and Sustainability Platform, ANPED and IUCN. Our programme and our work with the network seeks to make a contribution to one of the two main themes identified for Rio+20 - the institutional framework for sustainable development. The programme includes a number of elements:

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One of the two main themes for the Earth Summit is the 'institutional framework for sustainable development'. Put more simply, this primarily refers to the system of global governance for sustainable development. This includes the global institutions charged with developing, monitoring and implementing policies on sustainable development across its three pillars – social, environmental and economic.

The scope of a theme such as the 'institutional framework for sustainable development' is potentially vast, as sustainable development is a wide and all-encompassing concept. For the purposes for the Earth Summit, however, it is helpful to identify some of the key issues that are included under such a theme. These include: