In this interview Felix Dodds – Executive Director of Stakeholder Forum and chair of the 64th Annual UN Conference for Non Governmental Organisations (Bonn, Sept 3-5),  speaks about the latest proposals and achievements of civil society towards Rio Plus 20, introduces the Sustainable Development Goals,  and suggests five key challenges ahead of us towards a more sustainable future.



At a crowded summit like Rio+20, getting your voice heard above the din can be a challenge. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is streamlining its messages by teaming up with organisations with which it shares similar aims. It has also been instrumental in setting up the BASD 2012 (Business Action for Sustainable Development).

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One year out from Rio+20 a group of UK NGOs and civil society organisations, including Oxfam, WWF, Christian Aid and Stakeholder Forum, sent a joint letter to the Prime Minister highlighting the urgency of the poverty and resource scarcity challenges and asking him to attend the conference and show leadership and commitment towards a successful Summit in June 2012.

Martha Shaw of The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire caught up with Stakeholder Forum's Executive Director, Felix Dodds at the recent Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-19) meeting in New York, to discuss the potential role of business leaders in the transition to a global Green Economy; one of the main objectives of Rio+20 in June 2012.

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