It will be crucial that stakeholder engagement for Earth Summit 2012 seeks to capture a diversity of regional and national experiences and recommendations for achieving sustainable development in the 21st century.

To ensure this, Stakeholder Forum is working in collaboration with two regional partners to deliver global stakeholder engagement towards Earth Summit 2012; Environment and Development Action Africa (ENDA), and Participatory Research Information Asia (PRIA). As the momentum builds towards Rio+20 a number of engagement opportunities will be take place via these associations and forums.


Stakeholder Forum will be hosting a series of Stakeholder meetings, workshops and events on issues and themes relating, and in the run up, to Earth Summit 2012. Events and activities hosted by other organisations will also be announced via this website. You can view upcoming activities and follow news from previous events and workshops here.


Agenda 21, the outcome document of the Rio Earth Summit 1992, defined Major Groups as; Indigenous Peoples; Farmers; Workers & Trade Unions; Local Authorities; Business and Industry; Science and Technology Community; Women; Children & Youth; and NGOs.

The United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD) coordinates a formal process of engagement whereby each Major Group will be represented by an Organising Partner. Each Organising Partner will seek to engage representatives from their respective Major Group for dialogue sessions and policy inputs to form a paper for submission to the CSD.

Contact details for Organising Partners can be found here.
To find out more information on the Major Groups and how to engage in the preparatory process click here.

Get Involved


In the build up to Rio+20, Stakeholder Forum will engage representatives from Major Groups in the preparatory process. From taking part in workshops or meetings, to participating in discussions online, opportunities for engagement will be updated and announced on this website.