The following initiatives have been established in preparation for Rio+20:

action_counts_logo_enThe campaign gives volunteers like yourself, along with communities and organizations, a chance to show what you are doing for the future of our planet and generations to come.

The results of all these volunteer actions will be presented at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20 in Brazil. A multi-media presentation will showcase the counted voices of volunteers worldwide to the over 50,000 people participating at the summit. The campaign will make your actions count at Rio+20!

dialoguesThe Government of Brazil is convening a Dialogue series with the aim of bringing together civil society, the scientific community and academia to contribute ideas and suggestions on sustainable development. Conclusions and recommendations from the Dialogues will be conveyed directly to the heads of State and Government gathering for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development taking place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on June 20 - 22.

newsummitwatchIn June, Brazil will host one of the largest and most important gatherings in the history of the United Nations. Marking the anniversary of the first Earth Summit held there in 1992, the Rio+20 Earth Summit is seen as a "once in a generation opportunity" to put the world on a path to a sustainable low-carbon green economy. The UN recently announced that 115 heads of state are already committed to attend Rio+20, but has not released their names, nor is there much information readily available on how their governments are preparing for Rio+20. To fill this important information gap, Earth Summit Watch is gathering and publishing current information on the status of Rio+20 preparations in every country.



grs_logo2Global Rockstar presents the Global Youth Music Contest (GYMC) organized by the International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI) by embedding video links from YouTube and Vimeo of musical performances of those that enter the competitions for the Global Youth Music Contest.

The winners of the Global Youth Music Contest will travel to and perform at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (The Rio+20 Earth Summit) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 20 to 22 June 2012. Costs associated with the participation (travel, accommodation) at the Rio+20 Earth Summit will be covered by the IAAI

mycitycropThis project is aimed at mobilizing the youth world over, educating them on the urgency of sustainable development issues and encouraging them to involve themselves in the negotiation process of Rio+20.
We want to prove that the youth is ready to play an active part in international negotiations and to shape its own future of a sustainable world!

riomasscaledRio + Vos is not an institution, not bosses, or bosses. Rio+Vos is an awareness campaign, a youth movement for those who feel young, is the desire to change, to participate, to scream, to propose and above all to work together for a better world!

better_planet2croppedThe excessive use of the earth’s resources is currently unsustainable and is adversely affecting all future life. Pledge for a Better Planet is a petition that aims to apply pressure on the world’s leaders to put in place and implement practices that will ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

speakup-lRight now, one million children are at risk from severe malnutrition in West Africa. Every day, millions more children wake up to hunger, a lack of clean water or are at risk from disasters like floods, droughts and earthquakes.

It shouldn't be like this. It's time to Speak Up For Children. Add your name to our petition and get Nick Clegg to speak up for children at the Rio Earth Summit to stop crises like West Africa happening in the future

datewithhistoryThe ‘Date With History’ contest is an opportunity for young people around the globe to inspire the leaders of the world to act boldly and with urgency on key issues impacting the future of our planet. Entrants can upload a video speech below, and the top videos will be shared at the upcoming Rio Earth Summit in June.

logofuturewewantThe Future We Want is a global initiative to move beyond negative visions of the future and focus on the sustainability solutions that are ready to be implemented by 2030.