How can Scotland's experience of local green economies inform global policy discussions on sustainable development? SSDF has partnered with Stakeholder Forum for a day of discussion and debate with high profile speakers and workshops. The conference will take place in Edinburgh on Tuesday 21st September.

The UNCSD have uploaded a new Rio+20 Questionnaire on their official website. There are currently three Questionnaires on Experiences, Success Factors, Risks and Challenges with regards to the Objectives and Themes of UN Conference on Sustainable Development. To view the questionnaires click here.

The UN Secretary General's High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability has launched its official website, which enumerates its members, terms of reference and other documents relating to the Panel's work. The High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability (GSP) brings together leading global policymakers, private sector and civil society experts in order to formulate a new blueprint for sustainable growth and low-carbon prosperity for present and future generations.

Click here to view the official website