In this interview, NGLS speaks with Michael K. Dorsey, Assistant Professor at Dartmouth College and Director of Dartmouth's Climate Justice Research Project, about his experience in Rio in 1992 during the United Conference on Environment and Development and how he is engaged in the current Rio process.

Social justice and environmental protection are equally urgent and intrinsically linked universal goals, with coordinated global action needed on both fronts at the UN's 'Rio+20' Conference on Sustainable Development in June, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a message to an audience of development experts, civil society leaders and government officials at the first Global Human Development Forum here today.

Global Food Security Forum Summary Conclusions

The Inaugural Meeting of the Global Food Security Forum (GFSF) brought together in Rabat, Morocco, almost 300 experts, officials, practitioners and stakeholders from over 50 countries for action -oriented discussion and collaboration on the challenge of feeding, in a sustainable fashion, a growing world population.

Co-Chairs of the Bureau for Rio+20 and Member-States of the United Nations


We – the civil society organizations and social movements who have responded to the call of the United Nations General Assembly to participate in the Rio+20 process – feel that is our duty to call the attention of relevant authorities and citizens of the world to a situation that severely threatens the rights of all people and undermines the relevance of the United Nations.

A major international conference focusing on solutions to the global sustainability challenge.

The plenary sessions from the conference and two live daily news shows 'The Daily Planet' will be streamed live via the web on each day of the conference. Access is free and for those who cannot attend live it will be available on demand after the event.

Working Paper that is a compilation of all the proposals taken from the texts produced by the Thematic Groups at the Thematic Social Forum of Porto Alegre (January 24-29, 2012). Bringing together the thematic groups under four core themes is a proposal for articulating the different themes. Some groups can of course be connected to two or more core themes.

On 17-18 March, the Global Transition 2012 (a joint project of the New Economics Institute, the new economics foundation, Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future and the Green Economy Coalition) hosted a Global Transition Dialogue on "The New Economy" at Pace University in New York. This dialogue was the second in a series of "Global Transition Dialogues" that are being organized in the lead up to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD or Rio+20) in order to bring together leading new economic thinkers and practitioners who are pioneering the transition to a green and fair economy.