While political momentum on a green economy is now gathering pace there are still some important concerns regarding the meaning and consequences of a transition, particularly for the world's poorest. As governments begin to identify opportunities and policy frameworks at the national level it is critical that their decision-making processes are guided by a common set of goals, an agreed set of principles, for what a green economy must uphold.

By Stockholm International Water Institute

The 6th World Water Forum, taking place in Marseille from March 12-17, is an important stepping stone to strengthen the voice of water in the process leading up to Rio+20. At this juncture, the Stockholm International Water Institute strongly urges that following points are emphasised in the outcome of Rio+20.

The former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and EU Commissioner Connie Hedegaard announces March 7. 2012, in Geneva, Switzerland, a new, global collaboration to advance sustainable solutions in partnership with Scandinavias leading independent think tank Monday Morning.