2011 Global Green Economy Index


The 2011 Global Green Economy Index (GGEI) is a comprehensive analytic tool offering stakeholders in the green economy a robust system to track, analyze and improve upon both the perceptions and performance of national green economies.

Dual Citizen’s core practice is providing governments and international organizations with strategic communications counsel and associated analytics. We produce the GGEI to offer our clients actionable intelligence to inform communications strategies as they relate to sustainability policies and the green economy.

Like last year, the 2011 GGEI measures perceptions of the green reputations of 27 countries as judged by hundreds of expert practitioners working in the green economy globally. The expanded 2011 GGEI benchmarks these perceptions against a performance index designed to capture an objective, data-driven measure of national green performance.
This unique tool provides a variety of stakeholders with valuable insight:

Government ministries and leadership Assess gaps between the perceptions and reality of your national green performance and use these findings to further strategic efforts to improve your competitive positioning and national green reputation.

Industry associations, cleantech clusters and investors Garner best practices for investment facilitation and cleantech promotion and analyze the market mechanisms and communications strategies driving investment in the global green economy today.

International organizations Organize the global green economy on a national level according to over 35 indicators and use these data to inform multilateral, regional and country-level policy and programs.

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