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International Council for Science Rio+20 website 0

International Council for Science Rio+20 website

The International Council for Science has established a website specifically for their activities around Rio+20. The website details general background information as well as workshops and activities relevant to the Science and Technology Major...

Global Letter Campaign for Rights of Mother Earth 0

Global Letter Campaign for Rights of Mother Earth

A grassroots campaign entitled “Rights of Mother Earth” has been established to create a worldwide, grassroots movement calling forth the universal acceptance of Rights of Nature and aims to be the voice for Mother...

David Sandalow on Rio+20 0

David Sandalow on Rio+20

On May 17th David Sandalow, Assistant Secretary for Policy & International Affairs in the U.S. Department of Energy, addressing the 20th Annual Latin America Energy Conference at the Institute of the Americas, La Jolla,...

Analysis of CSD 19 outcomes 0

Analysis of CSD 19 outcomes

Stakeholder Forum Executive Director Felix Dodds has produced an analysis of the outcomes of the recent CSD19 meeting, which took place at the UN Headquarters in New York from 2nd – 13th May.

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The Green Economy in the global south

Policies aiming to make transition to a green economy are no longer purely the domain of rich countries.  Large scale investments in renewable energies have been made by governments ranging from Tunisia to Kenya;...

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Useful Resources

To download a roadmap of events leading up to the Summit click here. Stakeholder Forum and Commonwealth Secretariat launch ” A Pocket Guide to Sustainable Development Governace Read more..