The Green Economy in the global south

Policies aiming to make transition to a green economy are no longer purely the domain of rich countries.  Large scale investments in renewable energies have been made by governments ranging from Tunisia to Kenya; innovative urban planning systems have been put in place in Brazil; and progressive policies for generating more sustainable agricultural practices are now in practice from Uganda to rural India.  But can such policies help to alleviate poverty for some of the world’s poorest?  Can a Green Economy really be a vehicle for sustainable development?  What measures do we need to be mindful of to ensure that a green economy delivers equitable growth?

In this podcast brought to you by Stakeholder Forum, we sat down with some issue experts Alison Doig (Christian Aid); Sarah Best (Oxfam) and Srinivas Krishnaswamy (Vasudha Foundation) to get to the heart of this debate. 


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