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Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future is an international multi-stakeholder organisation working on sustainable development; supporting the increased involvement of stakeholders in international and national governance processes. It is the lead organisation in the development and facilitating of multi-stakeholder processes for sustainable development. 



Stakeholder Forum’s involvement in UN conferences and Summits on environment and sustainable development dates back to its conception in 1987, as the first National Committee in the UK for the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP.

Stakeholder Forum’s involvement in the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 established the organisation as an important player in the field of international sustainable development. After the Earth Summit our offices were stacked with Agenda 21 reports which we sent out to policy-makers, local governments, think-tanks, NGOs, schools and all kinds of community-based organisations.

In 1997 at the Rio+5 review Derek Osborn then chair of Stakeholder Forum co-chaired the Rio+5 preparatory process with Ambassador Celso Amorin (now Brazil’s Foreign Minister).In the years prior to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002, Stakeholder Forum facilitated discussions between governments, intergovernmental organisations and stakeholders from 1998 and co-ordinated workshops that built momentum for the Summit and prepared stakeholders for meaningful engagement. After the Brazilian President suggested to the UN General Assembly that there should be a Rio+20 Conference, Stakeholder Forum has been organising events and outreach in support of this idea.

To learn more about Stakeholder Forum and its work in other areas, please visit our main website: www.stakeholderforum.org


Stakeholder Forum will be co-ordinating a vast range of activities in the run-up to Earth Summit 2012.

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