Bonn2011 Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus Conference Launches Nexus Blog

Stakeholder Forum is happy to announce the launch of a new multi-stakeholder blog on the themes around the Bonn2011 Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus Conference taking place in Germany this November.

The Nexus Blog has been created by Stakeholder Forum in partnership with the Federal Government of Germany to create debate and discussion around new approaches to address the critical resource challenges we face, which consider the interconnections within the water, energy and food security nexus.

Articles in the Nexus Blog will focus on how a nexus approach can achieve a better understanding of the inter-linkages between the three securities; discuss enabling conditions which facilitate the transition to a greener economy; and identify incentives that can trigger the desired change.

To view the Nexus Blog’s first entry entitled ‘Food vs. Fuel: Current Research and Policy Implications’, click here.

Stakeholder Forum is still looking for new submissions to the Nexus Blog, so click here for more information on how to submit an entry.

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