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Rio+20 Dialogues

The Government of Brazil is convening a Dialogue series with the aim of bringing together civil society, the scientific community and academia to contribute ideas and suggestions on sustainable development. Conclusions and recommendations from the...

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Regional Engagement

It will be crucial that stakeholder engagement for Earth Summit 2012 seeks to capture a diversity of regional and national experiences and recommendations for achieving sustainable development in the 21st century. To ensure this,...

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Workshops, Meetings and Events

Stakeholder Forum will be hosting a series of Stakeholder meetings, workshops and events on issues and themes relating, and in the run up, to Earth Summit 2012. Events and activities hosted by other organisations...

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Major Group Organising Partners

Agenda 21, the outcome document of the Rio Earth Summit 1992, defined Major Groups as; Indigenous Peoples; Farmers; Workers & Trade Unions; Local Authorities; Business and Industry; Science and Technology Community; Women; Children &...

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Get Involved

In the build up to Rio+20, Stakeholder Forum will engage representatives from Major Groups in the preparatory process. From taking part in workshops or meetings, to participating in discussions online, opportunities for engagement will...