Education & Awareness-raising for Rio+20

The goal is to get every school on the planet to teach their students about the crucial issues addressed by Rio+20: the website Home page starts with seven jargon-free slides that summarise some of the Rio+20 issues, linked to posters outlining some solutions. It goes on to propose ideas for Action:

  1. The UNESCO-supported ‘My City+20’ – Model Rio Earth Summit idea;
  3. A ‘Do it yourself Green Economy Transition Plan’ for your self,  your household,  your community  and your Nation.

The site also links to the UN’s Rio+20 sites and its Global Conversation Campaign: The Future We Want. It will, we hope – through the Add section – link to many other great initiatives for action and awareness-raising. Like your’s! Please share your ideas with me, or Simon Howlett, the young webmaster who created the site, at: [email protected]

Peace Child International has worked continuously on the Rio Earth Summit Agenda since 1992. For us, the road does not end in Rio: it begins again in Rio this June – and continues for the rest of our lives, seeking – struggling – committing – innovating – and energizing our communities and nations for SUSTAINABILITY.  It is truly our generational challenge: and we hope this site will help us all rise to it.

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