National anti-Fracking Gathering

When: Saturday 17th March

Where: Methodist Central Hall, Oldham Street, Manchester

Come and meet people from groups all around the country (and beyond) campaigning against ‘hydraulic fracturing’ or “fracking”.(find out more about fracking here)

The event will include:

Opening plenary including presentaion from the Tyndal Centre, speaker from ‘Frack Off’ and other speakers tba (watch this space)

Regional report session from local anti-fracking campaign groups all around the country.

2 Sessions of workshops on all you need to know about fracking, targeted advice on how to run a local campaign, anti-fracking Direct action ….and more (watch this space for more details about specific workshops…)

Discussion on what we can do to form a broad-based National anti-fracking Coalition or umbrella group (with the local grass-roots residents groups at its core)

Extra time for the meeting to take things forward as it sees fit…..

Lets get together to stop fracking in the UK NOW, before it gets a hold and becomes unstoppable!

Put  the 17th March in your diary now !

For more information visit Campaign against Climate Change

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