Postponed decision to accredit new NGOs

The General Assembly (GA) has postponed its decision to accredit new NGOs. 

We understand all of the difficulties this implies for participants. We will inform you as soon as a decision has been made. In this regards, we were able to negotiate an extension and once the GA makes its decision, you will have one week to register your delegations. If it helps when making contingency plans, here is a sample of the registration form that each participant must complete.  You may wish to start gathering all of this information in anticipation of a very tight registration deadline.

Please bear in mind that several countries require visas and that a confirmation letter is needed to get this visa free of charge.So, if your participants are from countries where visa delays you may want to visit Q&A #6.

Click here to find ECOSOC accredited NGOs could include you in their delegations.

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