The Process

Engaging with Earth Summit 2012 means understanding the ‘process’. Broadly speaking, ‘process’ refers to the way the Summit works, the channels for engagement, the key dates and meetings, and the established ‘protocols’ for engaging effectively.

An important document for more information on the Preparatory Process is the outcome document from the Contact Group that discussed this subject at PrepCom1, available here.

Milestones to Rio+20

There were a number of key events and milestones in the run-up to the UN General Assembly Resolution that called for the Summit in December 2009. As Stakeholder Forum advocated strongly for a Summit and was involved in many of the discussions leading to the resolution, we made a record of the key moments.

Key Dates and Meetings


Stakeholder Forum has produced a roadmap that outlines all the key dates and meetings for the preparatory process for Rio+20 (as listed on this page), in addition to other key global events on sustainable development.

To download the roadmap please click here

The Summit

The Summit will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 20th – 22nd, June 2012

Preparatory Meetings

There will be three Preparatory Meetings for the Summit, each lasting 2 days.

The first preparatory meeting for the Summit, PrepCom1, has already taken place, from 17th -19th May 2010 at the UN Headquarters in New York.

The second Preparatory Meeting, PrepCom 2, will take place in March 2011, immediately after Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting for the UN Commission on Sustainable Development.

The third and final Preparatory Meeting will take place in Brazil prior to the Summit itself.

Intercessional Meetings

According to the outcome document on the preparatory process from PrepCom 1 there will be 6 days of open-ended informal intercessional talks between now and the Summit.

One 2-day meeting will take place between the release of the Secretary General’s Report (see below) and PrepCom 2 (March 2010). This has now been set for January 2011.

There will also be two 2-day intercessional meetings between PrepCom 2 (March 2010) and PrepCom 3 (most likely early 2012). The final intercessional must take place no later than 8 weeks prior to PrepCom 3.

Secretary General’s Report

The Secretary General will produce a report on the Objectives and Themes of the UNCSD before PrepCom 2.



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