UNEP: Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties

Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties are proposed as a series of independent collective agreements produced by representatives of major groups and stakeholders of civil society, with the intention of being drafted and published prior to the official UNCSD2012. They are planned as the alternative content outcome by civil society to reflect the public interest and aspirations of a sustainable world, and will serve as collection of proposals for governments negotiating for official outcomes at the Summit.

The treaties are considered as a complimentary process to strengthen the Rio+20 Peoples’ Summit and all other independent efforts for creating peoples’ visions and voices. The treaties process will aspire to consider any other documented voice by civil society targeting Rio+20 and attempt to integrate those visions and proposals into the relevant treaties as appropriate. The treaties are essentially a forward looking process, and target a future beyond Rio+20. Hence, it will become a living document to advance a global citizens’ movement forging the transition to a sustainable world.

The Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties acknowledge that sustainable development dialogues must take place beyond the time and space of the UNCSD2012 and the ‘Green economy’ and ‘Institutional framework’ themes of the Rio+20 Summit, and must transcend into a broader sustainability discourse. It is important to ensure that the voices and visions of all citizens are brought to the attention of local, national,regional and international policy makers and all stakeholders. As partners in sustainable development, these stakeholders worldwide need to engage in dialogue and policy making in a joint effort to ensure that the discourse of sustainability continues beyond the Rio+20 and Peoples’ Summit Rio+20.

The Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties call for a UNCSD2012 alternative content outcome to be realized through joint stakeholder efforts. People should engage in a complimentary process to UNCSD2012 with the rationale of producing ‘Treaties’ a ‘Declaration’ and an ‘Action Plan,’ which are to represent and demonstrate the collective visions of the global people and transcend into a Global Movement. CSOs should commit to advancing a collective and coherent global movement committed to a sustainable world.

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