WORKSHOP: Green Economy Principles

Stakeholder Forum is contributing to a weekend workshop and dialogue on the Green Economy. The workshop will take place in New York on 8th – 9th January, prior to the first intercessional meeting for Rio+20 on 10th – 11th January at the UN HQ.

The event is being coordinated by ANPED and the World Futures Council.

The event is aimed primarily at think tanks from the global North and South, to promote discussion on how to stimulate the transition to a global green economy, and how to shift from old to new paradigms of thinking and operating. The event hopes to identify a series of possible principles and policy-levers that will help to enable this transition.

Stakeholder Forum is helping to facilitate the event, and together with the new economics foundation it will present its plans for a Global Transition 2012 coalition. Stakeholder Forum and nef hope to build an open and multi-stakeholder coalition to address the required elements of a Global Transition between now and the UNCSD in 2012.

The full agenda for the event is available here. Some helpful background papers on Principles and on UNCSD are available here.

Attendance is limited so as to enable more in-depth discussion, but if you are interested in attending and feel you have something to contribute, please contact Leida Rijnhout (ANPED) and Maja Goepel (World Futures Council).

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