World Bank Webchat: Sustainable Development

Date: Tuesday June 5

Time: 10:00-11:00 AM EST

Location: Online 

Focus: What does Rio+20 need to deliver to create a sustainable world?

Webchat with the World Bank’s Vice President of Sustainable Development, Rachel Kyte

In the 20 years since the Earth Summit at Rio, economic growth has lifted 660 million people out of poverty and millions more have seen their incomes rise. But growth has too often come at the expense of the environment, and it hasn’t been inclusive. Today, 1.3 billion people still don’t have electricity, 1 billion go hungry, and at least 780 million lack safe, clean drinking water. Economic development over the next two decades cannot mirror the previous two.

Many of us have been advocating for sustainable development for twenty years. We’ve seen some progress, but urgently need collective action among like-minded governments, civil society and companies. Rio+20 is a stage to promote green inclusive growth as the path to sustainable development. Natural capital accounting is a critical tool to help us get there.

We want to hear from you: How can we get to sustainable development? What does it take to make growth greener and more inclusive? What is your experience with natural capital accounting? Where is it working and how can we demystify it?

On World Environment Day, join World Bank Vice President for Sustainable Development Rachel Kyte to discuss expectations for Rio +20, the upcoming UN Conference on Sustainable Development, and how inclusive green growth is the path to sustainable development. She would like to take what she hears from you into Rio, so if you have something to say, join the conversation!

Please share your comments and questions in advance and join Rachel on June 5th for a live chat in English and Spanish.

To join the conversation and view the questions click here

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