European Youth Meeting 2011: Sustainable Development

The Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare in cooperation with partners from over 20 countries is organising a European Youth Meeting for Sustainable Development in Tallinn, Estonia, from 19 – 24 July 2011.

The meeting is organised by an International Organisational Committee from 10 countries (Uk, France, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey, Moldova and Russia) and partners from 17 countires, on the theme of youth involvment in ensuring sustainable devleopment examining questions like ‘what role can and should young people and youth organisations play in efforts towards sustainability?’


  • To advance and encourage the participation of young people and youth organisations in international decision making processes on sustainable development
  • To develop multidisciplinary approach to sustainable development
  • Through international cooperation exhange experiences, best practices and perspectives on sustainable development
  • Through the use of weba nd video capabilities encourage the use of technological advancements to ensure sustainable development.
  • To develop at the end of the meeting a policy document called “European Youth for Sustainable Development” supplmented by an action plan for 2011 – 2012


  • Call for participants was launched 20th January 2011, with an application deadline of Thursday 31st March 2011 (12:00pm CET)
  • Call for trainers and facilitators for the planned skills workshops and working groups’ session, has an application deadline of 10th April 2011.
    Applications arriving past 12:00on CET on 10th April will not be accepted

For all forms and further information please visit:

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