The Ministers of Tourism of the Central American region and their representatives, gathered in Roatan, Honduras on the 23rd and 24th of June of 2011., in occasion of the First Workshop on Sustainable Tourism, held with the participation of representatives from the international community, international organizations, the World Tourism Organization, distinguished members of the diplomatic corps, main localauthorities,and theprivate sector,CONCLUDE THAT:

1. Tourism in Central America continues to be a fundamental pillar of the Central American integration, and an engine of economic and social development, given its significant contribution in terms of employment, income and currency, thus contributing to reach the millennium goals and poverty eradication in Central America.

2.It is necessary to stress out the important role played by the United Nations, through its resolutions, in the attainment of policies oriented to sustainable tourism, social ethics on tourism, and ecosystem and environment protection, as an essential basis to develop sustainable tourism in harmony with nature; and to emphasize the commendable work of the United Nations system in the tourism sector, under the direction of the World Tourism Organization and its General Secretary.

3.It is necessary to strengthen this industry under sustainability policies and practices that ensure social and economic benefits, and lesser negative impacts on the environment and on the natural and cultural heritage of countries, both individually, and as a region.

4. Attention to the issue of sustainability requires of action and mutual commitment from the part of public and private actors, as well as integrated measures at a regional level, as a means to obtain the best results.

5. The difficulties we are facing in the light of climate change, pose an obligation for us towards taking immediate actions, both preventive as responsive, in order to minimize its impact and damages on natural resources, which are part of the tourism attractions and products promoted by our countries.

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