Gender and Education Office (GEO) of the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE)

Adult learning and education policies need to maximize the positive role that learning can play in technological and industrial change for mitigation and adaptation plans. To avoid jeopardizing the right to decent work for all, education and adult education will play a crucial role to change radically the ways we produce and consume.

Moreover adult education and education in general support a planet where nature is not taken as a capital to be exploited for furthering economic growth; where citizens become more vigilant and proactive at both global and local level; and where clean and safe energy is secured for all. Adult learning must include a holistic view that recognizes the interdependence of environmental, social, cultural and economic perspectives, and poses challenges that demand collective sharing of responsibility – both at local, regional, national and global level. The framework for equality and social justice prevails, when we overcome all forms of discrimination, and where patriarchy is overcome.

Environmental and social justice requires that states set urgent priorities that guarantee the right to education for young people and adults, and especially the fundamental right to basic education without discrimination, providing these key rights the legal status they deserve, and to allocate the resources required for their full implementation.

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