Stakeholder Forum has co-ordinated a number of activities towards an Earth Summit in 2012, and has been the leading organisation advocating for a Summit. Our latest activities are listed below and are updated regularly. To find out about our activities in specific areas please click on the related tabs above.



Workshops Meetings and Events

Green Economy

Stakeholder Forum will be hosting a series of Stakeholder meetings, workhops and events on issues and themes relating, and in the run up, to Earth Summit 2012.

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The Green Economy has been identified as one of the key issues to be addressed by the Summit, in the UN General Assembly resolution that approved the Summit on 24th December 2009.

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Regional Engagement


Sustainable Development Governance


It will be crucial that stakeholder engagement for Earth Summit 2012 seeks to capture a diversity of regional and national experiences and recommendations for achieving sustainable development in the 21st century. 

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Sustainable development has long been recognised as a global problem requiring global solutions – to deliver these global solutions, international institutions and mechanisms are required to facilitate cooperation and assist in the implementation of international environmental law.

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“”One of the fundamental prerequisites for the achievement of sustainable development is broad public participation in decision-making” 

Agenda 21 Chapter 23

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