Linking the MDGs, Sustainable Development and Rio+20 – Side Event, 13th May, CSD18

Stakeholder Forum brought together a number of experts at a side event at the 18th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development to discuss how best to link the Millennium Development Goals with Sustainable Development and the Rio+20..

The event was addressed by Chee Yoke Ling, Third World Network; Ms. Nandhini Iyer Krishna, Liaison at the Convention for Biological Diversity, and Felix Dodds, Executive Director of Stakeholder Forum. The event was chaired by Derek Osborn, President of Stakeholder Forum.

Speakers stressed the importance of developed countries delivering on commitments made on sustainable development since 1972, including promises to assist developing countries in growing their economies sustainably. The links between biodiversity and development were also emphasised – that rich biodiversity and healthy ecosystems are imperative to delivering sustainable and equitable development outcomes. As such the MDG+10 Review in September should seek to address the role that biodiversity and ecosystems play in advancing development, building on the findings of the 3rd Global Biodiversity Outlook Report. It was also emphasised that the MDGs do not currently mainstream sustainable development or climate change to the extent necessary, and that Rio+20 can play a role in developing the framework for Global Sustainable Development Goals beyond 2015 (the target date for the achievement of the MDGs).

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