Global Citizens and Multi-stakeholder Partnerships in Global Sustainable Development Governance – report from IAAI activities @ ACUNS AM 2011

Michael Platzer (ACUNS Vienna Liaison Office and Miroslav Polzer (International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges IAAI) organized a Round table discussion on “Engaging Global Citizens in Sustainable Development Governance: Human Rights and Human Responsibilities” Annual meeting of Academic Council on the United Nations System ACUNS in Waterloo/Ontario (Canada) June 3rd 2011. The subject of ACUNS AM 2011 has been “Multiple Multilateralisms”.

An extraordinary valuable input to the round table has been a video message of Mr. Felix Dodds, director of Stakeholder Forum who emphasized the importance of multi-stakeholder partnerships in sustainable development governance and the need for the scientific assessment and further development with the help of global governance / international relations experts like members of ACUNS. Mr. Dodds highlighted the historic importance of UN Conference on Sustainable Development Rio +20 and invited ACUNS members to the conference Planet under Pressure March 2012 in London which will be the most important global conference of scientists related to Rio +20 conference.

To view Felix’s video message click here.

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