Assessing Progress towards internationally agreed commitments

Taking stock of achievements and identifying gaps in the implementation of outcomes of major summits is critical to enhancing global efforts towards sustainable development.


Commitments that have defined a pathway for sustainability development include the Stockholm Declaration (1972), Agenda 21 (1992), the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (1992), and the Johannesburg Plan Of Implementation (2002). More information can be found on the history and achievements of previous Summits in the Background section of this site. It is also worth consulting Stakeholder Forum’s retrospective Timeline of major events relating to global sustainable development.


Agenda 21 and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation from the Rio Earth Summit 1992 and the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) respectively, both outlined a timetable of targets as a means to secure a way of living for the current global population as well as for future generations, whilst preserving our ecosystems and resources. Stakeholder Forum has pulled these targets together into two documents:

PrepCom 1

At the First Preparatory Committee meeting for Rio+20 (20th May 2010), known as Prepcom1, a level of consensus emerged amongst delegations that all countries and stakeholders need to enhance efforts and concrete actions to achieve sustainable development.

Stakeholder Forum has isolated the section of the Co-Chair’s Summary relating to ‘sustainable development progress and implementation gaps’ as discussed at Prepcom1, which can be downloaded here.

Stakeholder Forum has also conducted a broad analysis of the Outcomes from PrepCom 1, available for download here, and available as a PowerPoint presentation here. PrepCom 1 was the first preparatory meeting for the Summit and took place from 17th – 19th May 2010 at the UN in New York. For more information on PrepCom 1 please click here.


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