Addressing New and Emerging Challenges

The international community is facing a number of interrelated problems. It is therefore critical now, more than ever, that global leaders come together to define a sustainable development pathway that secures a reasonable standard of living for the global population whilst preserving our ecosystems and resources. It is recognised that there are a number of challenges that, whilst not necessarily ‘new’ in themselves, are evolving to a new level of urgency and are more critical for the fact that they are occurring simultaneously.

PrepCom 1

At the first Preparatory Meeting the Summit, ‘PrepCom 1’, that took place from 17th – 19th May at the UN in New York, a number of emerging challenges were identified by governments and stakeholders alike. The following urgent problems were specifically highlighted:


  • The Financial Crisis

  • Food Crisis

  • Migration

  • Energy Crisis

  • Water Scarcity

  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem loss

  • Desertification

  • Natural Disasters and the ability to prepare for and recover from them

  • Achievement of the MDGs

  • Globalisation

  • Health Security

  • Increased resilience at the national and global level

  • Climate Security

While a number of these challenges to sustainable development are not necessarily new, taken together with the multiple global crises, they require renewed efforts and collective action. Stakeholder Forum has isolated the section of the Co-Chairs’ Summary addressing New and Emerging Challenges as discussed at Prepcom1. Stakeholder Forum has also conducted a broad analysis of the Outcomes from PrepCom 1, available for download here, and available as a PowerPoint presentation here.

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