The world is facing a mounting crisis. In recent years we have experienced a combination of a global financial crisis, a food crisis, volatile oil prices, accelerating ecosystem degradation and an increasing number of climate-induced extreme weather events. These multiple and inter-related crises call into question the ability of a growing human population to live peacefully and sustainably on this planet, and demand the urgent attention governments and citizens around the world.

Earth Summit 2012 will be the fourth Summit of its kind and represents another milestone in ongoing international efforts to accelerate progress towards achieving sustainable development globally. This background section provides information on the following areas:

timelinethumbnailStakeholder Forum’s Sustainable Development Timeline

key points in the evolution of the global sustainable development agenda.

200px-RioEarthSummit1992Earth Summit History

An overview of previous Earth Summits and outcomes                                                                  

RioportraitMilestones towards the UN GA Resolution for Rio+20

A record of all the key events leading to the UN General Assembly resolution agreeing to hold a UN Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012

stakeforumlogocmykgreenStakeholder Forum – A History of Involvement

An overview of Stakeholder Forum’s involvement in Earth Summits.                                             

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