Earth Talks: A series of roundtable discussions focusing on green economy, sustainable development governance and new and emerging issues in preparation for Earth Summit 2012.

As the Earth Summit now looms on the near horizon and global stakeholders and member states begin to gear up for the process, Stakeholder Forum is producing a flagship series of podcast discussions that tackle two of the key issues on the agenda, the green economy and sustainable development governance.  The radio podcasts will gather lead thinkers, practitioners and issue-experts to address a different theme each month.

Each roundtable will gather no more than three people in each session and will be hosted by Hannah Stoddart, our Head of Policy and Advocacy.  Each episode in the series will provide a snap-shot of the current discussions, the emerging questions and the policy propositions on the table.  The series will provide a dynamic, open and probing set of discussions that focus on the practical dimensions of turning visions of sustainable development into policy proposals ahead of the Earth Summit.

The podcasts will be hosted, produced and edited in-house at our office in London.  The final podcasts will be uploaded onto the this website and will be emailed around our global networks.  Finally, Stakeholder Forum is now in the process of establishing an online radio station that will collect and produce a diverse range of programmes focussing on global sustainability challenges.

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