G77 tables resolution to UN General Assembly Second Committee on a possible Rio+20 Earth Summit in 2012

4th November 2008: Antigua and Barbuda as Chair of the G77 has tabled a draft resolution for the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly calling for a World Summit in 2012. The resolution expresses deep concern that ‘although some progress has been achieved since the landmark Conference of 1972, the Earth Summit in 1992 and the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002, there is a persistent implementation gap, and many commitments by the international community have not been fully met’.

The resolution highlights the importance of a World Summit in 2012 to ‘renew political commitments at the highest level and for an overall review of the implementation of Agenda 21 and of the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation’.

The resolution welcomes and accepts Brazil’s offer to host the Summit which will offer the opportunity to ‘review and appraise’ progress achieved, as well as ‘identify further measures’ for enhancing implementation of existing commitments.

Read the resolution Implementation of Agenda 21, the Programme for the Further Implementation of Agenda 21 and the outcomes of the World Summit on Sustainable Development” by clicking here.

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