Global Transition 2012

gt2012initiativesThe Global Transition 2012 is an international network of organisations and leading thinkers from the Global North and South.

It is catalysing a ‘Global Transition’ by building a community of civil society organisations across the globe to promote and deliver a rapid transition to the desirable and beneficial economy that we aspire to.
The ultimate vision of the initiative is an alternative global green economy that maximises well-being, operates within environmental limits and is capable of coping and adapting to global environmental change. {qluetip title=[More info] element=[span] }Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Futurenef (the new economics foundation) and New Economics Institute are working in partnership to achieve this. Working with other partners such as the Green Economy Coalition and Bioregional, we are aiming to grow the network of organisations from now, in the lead up to Rio+20 and beyond.{/qluetip}

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