IEG, Sustainable Development Governance and Rio+20 Conference 6th March

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Stakeholder Forum are organising a conference on Sunday 6th March entitled: “IEG, Sustainable Development Governance and Rio+20: A Stakeholder Consultation”.

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development addresses two themes:

This conference will be a great opportunity for stakeholders to approach the ongoing discussion on International Environmental Governance under the UNEP-led process, as well as the broader issue of Sustainable Development Governance.


The day will be organised around two panels:

  • What should be the major building blocks of IEG reform?
  • How should IEG be linked to Sustainable Development Governance?

Each of the panels will be followed by breakout groups to look at what has been heard and will address specific additional questions.

A full agenda is available here


Several high profile speakers will be presenting at the conference. To view a full list of speakers and panellists along with their biographies please click here.

Background Reading

A number of IEG papers and think-pieces will be presented and discussed during the course of the day by key speakers. These papers can be found in the sdg2012 section here.

Participants List

To view a list of participants please click here.

Event Outcome

A report from the event outlining some of the key discussion points, is available for download here.



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