New Foundations for the Future Side Event, 17th May

Stakeholder Forum and UN NGLS hosted a joint side event during the first day of the PrepComm, sharing the outcomes from the ‘New Foundations for the Future’ conference that was held on 15th May.

The side event was addressed by Derek Osborn, President of Stakeholder Forum; Hannah Stoddart, Policy Coordinator at Stakeholder Forum; Zac Bleicher of UN NGLS, and Flore-Anne Bourgeois-Prieur of UN NGLS.

All four speakers outlined some of the issues raised during the conference on 15th May, proposing options for possible outcomes from Rio+20 to advance the sustainable development agenda. Presentations built on the draft report that emerged from the conference – an advanced unedited version of the report was circulated. A final comprehensive version of the report will be available by the end of June 2010.

In official coverage of PrepComm1, this side event was identified as a ‘highlight’ of the meeting.

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