Stakeholder Forum and Commonwealth Secretariat launch “A Pocket Guide to Sustainable Development Governance

Stakeholder Forum together with the Commonwealth Secretariat have produced a new book as part of of the sdg2012 programme entitled: “A Pocket Guide to Sustainable Development Governance”

sdgpocketguideFINAL-no-crop-marks-1 The guide was initiated by Stakeholder Forum and the Commonwealth Secretariat in response to the perceived ‘knowledge gap’ on the history and dynamics of global governance for sustainable development.

As the ‘institutional framework for sustainable development’ has been identified as one of the two core themes for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD 2012), it is hoped that the guide will provide the necessary background information on global sustainable development governance to allow both governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to familiarize themselves with the key issues more comprehensively.

As the topic of ‘sustainable development governance’ is potentially vast, the guide has been broken down into four distinct sections:

Concepts for Sustainable Development Governance

Global Institutions for Sustainable Development Governance

Reform Proposals for Sustainable Development Governance

Processes for Sustainable Development Governance

To download a PDF of the guide click here.

For more information on the sdg2012 programme, click here.

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