PrepCom1: Green Economy

The green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication was discussed extensively at the first Preparatory Meeting for the Summit, which took place from 17th -19th May at the UN in New York. Discussions were informed by the Secretary General’s Report for the Summit.

Contrary to expectations, the theme of a Green Economy met with considerable scepticism and reservation. There was a general concern that the green economy should not represent a ‘distraction’ from already agreed global commitments on sustainable development. It was noted by many that developed countries in particular have failed both in their domestic commitments, and in their promised support for developing countries to adopt sustainable development pathways.

However, despite a certain level of scepticism, there was also enthusiasm for a ‘new’ agenda that presents opportunities for economic, social and environmental gains. Stakeholder Forum has conducted a matrix analysis of different country positions in relation to the Green Economy:

Matrix Analysis of Country Positions on the Green Economy at PrepCom1

Stakeholder Forum has also conducted a broad analysis of the outcomes from PrepCom1, available as for download and as a PowerPoint presentation below:

Stakeholder Forum has also isolated the section of the Co-Chair’s Summary from PrepCom1 dealing specifically with the Green Economy:

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