Sustainable Development Proposal for Asia-Pacific

“The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) Proposal for Rio+20” provides key messages and recommendations for achieving sustainable development based on perspectives and experiences from the Asia-Pacific region, and are delivered as part of the key international, regional, and national preparation process such as the the International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP2011) and other opportunities. 

The proposal captures experiences and policy implications from the triple disaster on 11 March 2011 in Japan as one of the significant lessons to be drawn at Rio+20. The Rio+20 meeting serves as a platform for discussions but the IGES proposal incorporates a long term vision beyond Rio+20. 

The key messages will be presented by the Chair, Board of Directors, of IGES at the Asia-Pacific Regional Preparatory Meeting for Rio+20 held 19-20 October in Seoul, the Republic of Korea. At the same time, the proposal will be submitted to UNDESA (Rio+20 Secretariat) by 1 November as an input to the compilation document of the outcome document of Rio+20, and to further promote our key messages worldwide.

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