UK parliament launches new inquiry on preparations for Rio+20

The Environmental Audit Committee, chaired by Joan Walley MP, has launched an inquiry into the Rio+20 . The inquiry will examine the preparedness of the UK Government for Rio+20, along with the actions it should be taking to help make the Conference a success.

The Committee is interested in receiving written evidence that looks at:

  • the issues which should be urgently addressed at Rio, and any that it should avoid;
  • the extent to which greening the economy can help eradicate poverty, including the tensions between growth and prosperity in the context of sustainable development;
  • the institutional frameworks (at international, regional, national and local levels) required to deliver a “green economy” and a more sustainable future for all, now and into the future;
  •  the objectives and roles the UK Government should assume in order to drive ambition in the run-up to the Conference and at Rio, including its part in the EU preparations and negotiations;
  • the ideal outcomes from Rio+20, and how any agreements should be subsequently monitored;
  • the potential risks to the ideal outcomes being achieved, and any lessons that should be learnt from previous conferences.

The Committee invites organisations and members of the public to submit written evidence, setting out their views on these issues. More wide ranging responses are also welcome. Submissions should be sent to the Committee by Friday 26 August 2011. For more information and guidance on preparing submissions click here.

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