Rio+20: Draft outcome on sustainable development signed-off

The draft agreement for the Rio+20 summit on sustainable development has been signed off by negotiators.


Ministers and heads of state arrive tomorrow to discuss, adapt and sign-off the proposals.

The agreement was rushed through at the beginning of the plenary with almost no discussion observers have said.

The document, available here, has also left environmental and development groups dissatisfied.

WWF Director General Jim Leape said: “Despite a late night negotiating session, the revised text is a colossal failure of leadership and vision from diplomats. They should be embarrassed at their inability to find common ground on such a crucial issue.

“Now it’s up to world leaders to get serious about sustainable development and save this process. If they approve what’s on the table now without significant changes, they’ve doomed Rio+20 to ridicule,” he added.

“Nothing in the final document goes beyond rhetoric, nor does it provide the resources needed for the one billion people that live in hunger,” said, Elisa Hugueney, policy analyst of ActionAid Brazil.


Article originally appeared in Responding to Climate Change

“Many of the right elements were on the table to ensure the right to food for everyone, but they were either diluted or taken out by governments,” added Hugueney.

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