US Coalition of NGOs and Civil Society Organisations deliver open letter to President Obama to support Earth Summit 2012

29th September 2009: A number of prominent civil society organisations have come together to deliver a letter to President Obama urging him to support the current proposal before the United Nations to host an Earth Summit in Brazil in 2012. Representing more than a million Americans, the group has invited Obama ‘to see the Summit as an opportunity to consolidate the gains made in your first Administration towards sustainable development and to catalyze actions worldwide to build a new green global prosperity’.


The letter calls for an Earth Summit in 2012 to focus strongly on the need for implementation of the many existing international commitments and agreements on sustainable development. It also suggests that ‘We need to reexamine and revitalize the various international institutions we have already put into place, such as the UN Commission on Sustainable Development.’

The letter is signed by the Directors and Presidents of thirteen organizations, including Greenpeace, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the National Wildlife Federation.

For the full letter please click here

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