UNCSD-Rio20plus : The Green Economy Agenda in the context of SD and Institutional Framework for SD

15 Sep 2011 – 17 Sep 2011
Wrocław, Poland

European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC) attaches great importance to the Rio2012 conference, as a unique opportunity to give a new, necessary impetus to a more sustainable development for our planet. EEAC is participating in the process by providing input based on the know-how and experience of its members across Europe and contributes to the preparation with a statement prepared by the Working Group Sustainable Development (WG SD) on the two UNCSD topics, which is accompanied by two background papers.

The analysis and recommendations are based on:

a) a collection of national good practice examples and challenges for GE and
b) the analysis of a survey on governance for sustainable development, both of which are issued as separate papers.

The statement and background papers will be presented at the EEAC Annual Conference 2011, as a further step in the process towards the 2012 UNCSD.

On 16 September, the topics above will be discussed in depth in several breakout sessions with speakers from the EEAC councils, the European Commission, the business world, NGOs and trade unions. Andrzej Kraszewski, Minister of the Environment of Poland, will illustrate the preparations for Rio+20 during the Polish presidency of the EU as a key note speaker.

Venue: Wroclaw University of Technology – Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27, PL-50-370 Wrocław

Programme coordination: Ingeborg Niestroy
Registration information: Jakob Smets

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Article originally published at uncsd2012.org

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