Collectivités locales et territoriales françaises

This declaration by Local Authorities on Rio+20 was drafted during  the French National Assizes of Sustainable Development, hosted by the Midi-Pyrenees Region in Toulouse in October 2011, where this text was thoroughly discussed and enriched.

Following these discussions,  the Association of French Regions, the Assembly of French Départements (Counties), the Association of French Mayors, the Assembly of French Communities, the Association of French Mayors of Major Cities, the Federation of Mayors of Medium-sized towns, the Association of Small French Towns, the Association of French Urban Communities, the Association of French Mayors of Cities and Suburbs, the Association of French Mayors of Rural Areas, the French Association of the Council of Communes and Regions of Europe and the Assembly of European Regions and other Local Authority networks wishing to be associated, jointly declare:

“Public policies of Local Authorities affect all areas of life, housing, transport, employment, education and the well-being of citizens. It is therefore our responsibility to develop these fields to meet the legitimate aspirations of the population, and to do so taking the general interest of all into account by ensuring that the physical and biological capacity of our planet are respected. Our clear vision is built on our hands-on experience. We wish to assume full responsibility, and are motivated by the desire to co-operate with all the relevant stakeholders. These are the positions we wish to present to the World Summit in Rio-2012.

All States, organisations and agencies, and all levels of Public Authorities should consider us as partners in sustainable development, and especially as essential actors in the transitions that we need to successfully confront. Local knowledge of the area, local development know-how, the ability to innovate and experiment, and participatory implementation by Local Authorities that involves citizens are all important factors of success in the efficient building of public policies.

Rio+20 should provide us with the springboard for a transition process, and launch a cycle of negotiations for the 2012-2010 period. It should enable us to build democratic, transparent new forms of governance within the United Nations to help humanity meet the challenges it is now facing. This can only be achieved if civil society and Local Authority actors become truly involved in the process.”

To read the full submission document in English click here

To read the full submission document in French click here

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