SDG2012: Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

As part of the SDG2012 programme Stakeholder Forum wrote and commissioned a series of think pieces on sustainable development governance. The think pieces focus on a range of issues, including:

• The global institutional framework for sustainable development – including the role of the Commission for Sustainable Development, the management of sustainable development across the UN system, the status of sustainable development within ECOSOC, and other issues.

•Reform of International Environmental Governance – the role of UNEP in advancing the environmental pillar of sustainable development globally, the relationship between environment and trade,

•Global finance and sustainable development – the mainstreaming of sustainable development into International Finance Institutions (IFIs), the role of IFIs in advancing environmental objectives

•National, regional and local governance for sustainable development – the role of National Sustainable Development Councils, the role of local governance in advancing sustainable development

•Civil society – the role of civil society in the governance of sustainable development , in enhancing accountability, in monitoring and in implementing

•Corporate Accountability for sustainable development – the role of corporate accountability in advancing sustainable development, and the relative merits of voluntary methods vs regulation

•Compliance and Enforcement – the need for global mechanisms to better ensure compliance to global agreements relating to sustainable development

If you interested in writing on any of these themes, or have any articles or publications that you would like to share with Stakeholder Forum, please contact Farooq Ullah, Head of Policy and Advocacy, who is managing sdg2012.

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