Podcasts from the CIF 2011 Partnership Forum, Cape Town, South Africa

The Climate Investment Funds (CIF) 2011 Partnership Forum is a chance for CIF stakeholders – including representatives of governments, civil society, indigenous peoples, local communities, the private sector, and others – to share lessons on where the CIF has been most effective and how these financial instruments can be expanded or improved. In order to inform engage stakeholders at the CIF 2011 Partnership Forum, and reach those unable to attend the conference, Stakeholder Forum produced the multi-stakeholder magazine Outreach, and also hosted a series of multi-stakeholder radio roundtable discussions tackling the big questions around the CIF and its programme areas. Podcasts are available below.

Where does the CIF fit in the climate finance puzzle?

“We do not know how long it will take for the Global Climate Fund to be operational and be able to generate or obtain resources that can then be used by different countries, but I do think there is some consensus that the CIFs were designed in the beginning with an interim objective, which was very appropriate, because they have beenable to generate a substantive amount of resources from which we will see outcomes in some years. There should not be false expectations… They have been very enriching from the point of view of generating lessons learned. ” – Mafalda Duarte, Climate Investment Funds Coordinator, African Development Bank



Building forest governance and stakeholder capacity – are we REDD+ ready?

“The Forest Investment Programs [FIP] are not just  investing with large scales interventions. The plan itself is a government or country-led plan, so the MDBs work with these countries to come up with a plan that really addresses the needs of each individual country, which builds on existing plans, strategies and development goals. If a country, such as Burkino Faso, has certain other soft barriers, where some policy work needs to be done or legal or regulatory frameworks need to be changed, then this will be addressed as well. So it’s not just an investment in its typical sense,it’s a plan with individual proposals which address the most emerging needs to combat the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation. So it’s a mix of technical assistance and pure investments, as we call it. ” – Andrea Kutta, Senior program officer, Forest Investment Program  

The role of the private sector in climate finance

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