Discussion papers on Corporate Social Responsibility and Accountability

The Rio+20 negotiations are bringing an opportunity to discuss some aspects of the accountability of corporations by calling governments to implement a global framework for corporate sustainability reporting. This would require large companies to publish sustainability information (data on economic, environmental and social impacts) as part of their reporting cycle. You can follow our updates of these discussions here, or what experts/practitioners have said in a series of events we have organised here.

We invite you to contribute to these discussions by participating in our forum. We have published 3 brief discussion papers (please read a summary and the full text here) presenting a number of ideas/scope for corporations accountability and regulation.

  • What are the challenges around supply chain responsibility? How can citizens be protected and seek redress from negative corporate impacts (do you favour an international or national system? a judicial or non-judicial mechanism? [Convention on Corporate Accountability Discussion Paper]

Post your input before the 8th of June 2012. We are keen to acknowledge all contributions, so please leave your name and name of organisation. We will present this contribution as part of the Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties in Rio de Janeiro in June.

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