UK stakeholders respond to Secretary General’s Questionnaire

In response to the Secretary-General’s Major Groups Questionnaire, Stakeholder Forum has collated a UK multi-stakeholder submission. These responses will inform the Secretary General’s country reports for the Summit and shape the Summit agenda in the preparatory process.

Included in the report are responses from Major Group organisations;

  •  The Education Dialogue Group (EDG) (NGO)

  •  ICE Coalition – International Court for the Environment (NGO)

  • Peace Child International (NGO)

  • Trade Union Congress UK (Trade Union)

  • BioRegional Development Group (Business and Industry)

  •  Department for Environment, Sustainability and Housing, Welsh Assembly Government (Local and Regional Government)

The submission seeks to give an overview of the issues raised by stakeholders and provide relevant case studies and research. It was submitted to the UN directly and also as an appendix with the UK Government’s response the Secretary General’s Questionnaire for UN Member States.

Click here to download the UK multi-stakeholder response to the Secretary General’s Questionnaire.

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